Importance of animation in multimedia

Animation has proven to be an imperative part of promotions and the transfer of ideas to global audiences. People tend to learn more through captivating photo sequences and videos, to be precise. The animation industry has been working and evolving for nearly 2 decades while the 3d software was created in 1993. The importance of animation in multimedia has been on the rise because it allows us to give our imagination and ideas a face of reality. It allows us to bring imaginary characters to real life via sketching characters.

Before we dig deeper into the importance of animation, let us briefly explore the concepts of animation and multimedia.

What is animation?

Animation is medium that allows us to bring objects of imagination into real life through moving pictures. Animation is a process that involves moving frames at a certain rate, creating characters and then manipulating them such that they appear to be moving.

What is multimedia?

Multimedia refers to using tools of graphics, audio, video, text and animation combining them in a way that leads to creation and communication using a computer. This is a medium that allows users to navigate, and engage in the integration of stagnant and moving images.

In essence, the presence of image, text, audio, video and animation put together in a single combination is what we call multimedia.

Now that we are familiar with the concepts of animation and multimedia, let us see the importance of animation in multimedia.

How important is animation to multimedia?

Multimedia applications have made animation easier and one cannot think to create 2D and 3d images without multimedia applications. Animations are inevitable to multimedia, while multimedia provide the pattern to your video, animations add life to it through colours and character display.

Animation has served as a means by which people can bring their minds thoughts and characters to reality. In today’s time, say if one person has some fictional character in their mind, you can give that character life by simply drawing on a laptop or tablet. Drawn images are better understood, they can express all kinds of emotions from a funny face to an intimidated one, from a crying sketch to a laughing one, the jewel of animation can transmit your idea to viewers effortlessly.

Let us look at some key benefits of animation.

More user engagement

Animations enable more user engagement because audiences tend to remain more focused on animated content as it helps them better understand the concepts. According to surveys, animated content is better conveyed to the audience and about 95% of audiences are able to focus more if the information is presented in animated form.

Easy flow of information

Researches suggest that our brain store information in the form of images. Similarly, information that follows a storyline or graphics is better intercepted by human beings. Animation, especially in multimedia applications, allows easy flow of ideas and concepts because characters are always received well by everyone.


Another factor that has added to the importance of animation in multimedia is that it serves as a means to enhance creativity among users. It allows them to think, manifest, experiment and execute their fictional characters thereby creating room for creativity.


Animation in the multimedia industry is quite useful because diverse styles and formats give enough room for unconventional and creative ideas to float and produce exciting results.   Different formats allow different ways to convey stories.

Entertainment and education:

Whether entertainment or education, both have benefited hugely from the use of animation in multimedia. Animation is also hugely dominating the entertainment industry simply because is easy to interact with people of all ages. Similarly, many educational websites and institutions are also investing in creating animated content, students tend to learn more from animated videos than from information delivered to them verbally.


To conclude, the importance of animation in multimedia is huge, it has allowed businesses to grow purely because of its greater reach. Animated videos in multimedia help engage clients and customers and promote ideas behind any campaign or business thus bringing benefit to all the industries that make use of the medium.

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