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Whether you are a content creator or you are building a brand or even if you are just managing social media posts, graphic designs will always remain an integral part of making your content stand out. This is where Canva comes to your rescue. Canva provides features that can be used easily by beginners. It provides hassle-free design services in the form of websites and applications. And if you trying to discover how to get CANVA PRO Free, don’t worry we have got you covered. In this article, we will walk you through the steps of getting a lifetime Canva for free. Let us begin without any further delay. 

Types of Canva Account:

Primarily, there are two types of canva accounts namely,

1. Canva Basic

2. Canva Pro

How to get Canva basic?

For Canva Basic, you simply need to sign up in order to use Canva designing features. You do not need to pay any money. However, you will not have any access to advance/pro features such as photos, videos et cetera

How to get Canva pro?

Canva pro is a premium plan of Canva and under normal circumstances will require you to pay a few quicks bucks (1-20$) in order to use the advanced features.

With canva pro use can access the canva premium templates, photos, and videos for free.

Method to get Canva for free:

Canva pro is free for students and teachers under a campaign led by canva called Canva for education. However, you will require an email address with .edu to sign up.

Don’t have a .edu email address? No issues, we have it sorted for you. Let’s begin


Step 1:Get a temporary .edu email address

Firstly make a temporary .edu email address by visiting this website

Step 2: Creating the email address

The dashboard shall show you a temporary email address that should be ending with .edu or edu. pl. However, if you do not get such an email address then click on the delete icon and keep trying till you get an email id with .edu. Don’t worry, it won’t take too long.

Step 3: Canva for Education

Click on this link canva for free

This will direct you to Canva for education’s official website. Click on Signup with email then put in your temporary .edu email address (the one you copied from the 10minutesemail website). You will receive one Time Password (OTP) in the email inbox. Enter the one-time password (OTP) and click on submit.

And there you go, once your email address is verified, you get your canva pro account activated freely for a lifetime.

Step 4: changing your email address

This is the last step but it is equally important, that is, to change/update your email address as .edu email is valid only for 10 minutes.

Therefore, to change your email address, click and update it with your active email address.

Winding up:

The above-given steps will get you rid of how to get canva for free problem. I hope you find the step-by-step guide to getting your canva pro account free and helpful.


How can school/education institutions get canva pro for students?

School administration will be needed to contact the Canva team. They will guide you through the steps of getting the Canva membership for your institution by providing a special link and students will get Canva pro free if they signup using the invite link.

What is Canva used for?

Canva is used for multiple reasons such as designing attractive Instagram posts, YouTube thumbnails, logo creations et cetera.

What is the hack for getting Canva for free?

You will need a temporary .edu email to get Canva for free. Follow our above 4 steps to get Canva Pro for free for a lifetime.

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