Chinese Student invents Coat that makes people invisible to AI Security Cameras

Chinese Student invent Coat that makes people invisible to AI Security Cameras

Students at China’s Wuhan University have invented an “invisibility cloak” designed to hide its users from security cameras. The low-cost coat called the InvisDefense can hide wearers from artificial intelligence (AI) monitored security cameras and can be used during the day or night. As per South China Morning Post (SCMP), the product won first prize in a contest sponsored by Huawei Technologies as part of the China Postgraduate Innovation and Practice Competitions.

According to the team, the InvisDefese coat can be seen by human eyes but is covered in a pattern that blinds cameras during the day and sends out unusual heat signals at night. Its design means that the cloak would also potentially confuse some of the detection systems used in self-driving cars as well, but not the human drivers.

Speaking to SCMP, Professor Wang Zheng from Wuhan University’s School of computer science, who oversaw the invention, explained, “Nowadays, many surveillance devices can detect human bodies. Cameras on the road have pedestrian detection functions and smart cars can identify pedestrians, roads, and obstacles. Our InvisDefense allows the camera to capture you, but it cannot tell if you are human.”

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